7 Farmhouse Bed Plans

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If you are a homeowner, you probably know how expensive nice furniture is. If you a passion for beautiful decor and you are in a continuous struggle for self improvement, your budget must be under a constant pressure. That is why I spent a lot of time selecting the best plans and projects on the internet so you can build a farmhouse bed in one weekend and save tons of money.

I have selected different designed and sizes, so you can choose the farmhouse bed plans that suit your needs best. If you have the basic tools and master a few common woodworking skills, you can build a wood bed frame in not time. If you like the rustic design, you can even recycle materials and build a bed almost for free.






1. Twin Size Farmhouse Bed from HowToSpecialist


The first project from the list comes from HowToSpecialist. Jack has designed this awesome farmhouse style bed frame and it only requires 2x4s. The step by step plans are super easy to follow and also readers have submitted their projects. You don’t have to worry whether the plans are accurate or not, as the numerous brags posts come to confirm the value of the plans. Read More >>


2. King Size Farmhouse Bed from MyOutdoorPlans


The second project I have selected for this great list is a straight forward king size bed from MyOutdoorPlans. If you like the rustic appeal of farmhouse style, but you also need a large bed frame, this is the plan to follow. As always, MyOutdoorPlans plans come with step by step instructions, lots of useful tips and a complete cut list, so you can save time. Read More >>


3. Farmhouse Bed with Drawers from HowToSpecialist


If you would love to build a king size farmhouse bed, but you don’t have enough space in your bedroom, you don’t have to worry anymore. HowTospecialist has designed this bed frame with drawers, so you can store clothes and other items. This is an amazing project as it combines the style of a farmhouse bed with the practicability of a dresser. Let’s not waste any more time and check out the plans! Read More >>


4. Queen Size Bed Plans and Project from EdHart


EdHart has designed plans for a rustic farmhouse bed. The article also features a lot of images taken during the built of the bed frame. If you want to print the full plans, he offers a paid PDF version that contains everything you ever wanted to know about building a bed frame. The choice is yours. Read More >>


5. Storage Farmhouse Bed Frame from MyLove2Create

Farmhouse storage bed left side, MyLove2Create

When I found this project on the internet, I knew that I had to share it with you. It is one of those tutorials that are so inspiring and it just shows anyone can make an unique piece of furniture in no time. However, this projects does not come with plans, but it links to plans used, so you shouldn’t have any trouble building a similar bed. The highlights of this projects are the footboard and the headboard. Read More >>


6. King Size Bed From Shanty-2-Chic


The Shanty-2-Chic girls have done it again! They have taken a 3500 dollars bed frame and made their own version for under 400 dollars! Doesn’t it sound tempting? There is more… Their project comes with step by step pictures, instructions and they also have free PDF plans! I’m speechless and I invite you to check out their project for some quality building inspiration! Read More >>


7. Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed from DiystinctlyMade

DIY Farmhouse Bed

Last but not least, I couldn’t have skipped this amazing tutorial from DiystictlyMade. They share their own version project of Ana-White’s plans, along with super instructions and quality images. If you are into elegant furniture and you care about your pocket, then waste no more time and check out their work. Read More >>


8. 2×4 Queen Size Bed Frame Plans – HowToSpecialist.com

2x4 Queen size bed plans

I have updated the list with another cool and really simple bed frame design. You can build this queen size bed frame from 2x4s, in just a few days. I think this is a nice design because I don’t see any flaw and I think anyone can build this using the basic woodworking techniques. The plans comes with a full materials list and a super accurate cut list, so all you have to do is build the bed frame. Read more >> 


9. Twin bed plans

This is a basic bed frame you can build for your kids, using 2x4s and screws. This is a simple design, so don’t expect to build a masterpiece with these plans. These are more like plans for a budget. The guys at GardenPlansFree have your back with diagrams, instructions, Cut list and Shopping list. PDF download, as well. Read more >> 


Bonus: Single Bed – Video!


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